Santosa Stables

LOCATION : Semarang

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Santosa Stable, Leban, Kendal Regency, Central Java, Indonesia


Santosa Stable is a horsemanship facility with international standards and endorsed by professional instructors. This place offers horse riding experience for both leisure and sport. Providing equestrian lessons for beginners or intensive trainings for competitions.


Located on a hilly terrain in Semarang on the suburb of Boja, Central Java. Santosa Stables provides complete facilities and also have gorgeous natural environment surrounding the area. Such as; paddy fields, plantation, and rivers. Situated on Leban Village, Boja, Kendal Regency, Santosa Stables is about 25 kms away from Ahmad Yani International Airport or about 1 hour drive from downtown Semarang.


Santosa Stable also has an accommodation facility of two limasan cottages, each fits up to 30 persons. Santosa Stable also has 2 restaurants; a gazebo restaurant along the river side and a bigger restaurant as a traditional javanese house complete with a children’s playground.


We are open every day from 08.00 am to 05.30 pm.