Edwina Tops Alexander and Jan Tops- Showjumping’s ultimate power couple have welcomed their baby girl Chloe Cornelia Jennifer Tops in July. It is the couple’s first child and Edwina had to put aside her tight breeches and boots as she was blossoming as a beautiful mother. Their daughter was born in Monaco and while Edwina was in Labor, it was Alberto Zorzi who competed her horses at the highest level.


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Edwina has been very dedicated to the equestrian world and has had to miss out on many important things as she was riding her way up to become Autsralia’s number one rider. In 2015, in an interview she said : “There have been sacrifices. Especially for me with my family being so far away. I’m fortunate that they come over once a year and I go and see them once a year. I guess there’s also the fact of not having a normal life. But then, what’s normal is different for everyone. And I haven’t had a child and am now 41, so I have some decisions to make in the next few years. That’s definitely been a big sacrifice for me.”

It has been a very long wait for her to finally decide to have a baby. But it was all worth it. The beautiful healthy baby girl has already had the chance to meet the amazing Grand Prix horses and also her mommy’s Pony who will most probably be one of her playmates in the coming years. Who knows, mini Tops Alexander could be following her mother’s footsteps sooner than we think.




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