The third annual friendship equestrian competition in Emporium Equestrian Club Surabaya has successfully finished. For those of you that don’t know, the competition took place in Kenpark last weekend. The two day competition kicked-off on the 3rd and 4th of February 2018. During the week, riders around Surabaya has gotten the luxury of getting riding clinics from the Indonesian international athlete, Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto. And on to the Competition!

The dressage competition format took two rounds over the course of two days. Where the home team took four out of the five dressage classes. Furthermore, Lente Marin Idema from Royal Sport Horse Bali has kept her consistent winning streak from Djiugo Riding School Championship to the Preliminary Open in Emporium. She lead on day 1 with 68.793% and came in 2nd on Sunday with 65.172%. Additionally, the Elemtary Open had a joint winner scoring the same percentage of 64.00%. Both Seno Iskandar and Celia Rahardjo scored 64.00% over the course of two days.

Four jumping classes took place in this weekends competition, out of which two riding clubs shared the stage in each winning two classes: Emporium and Yussar Horse Club.


Here are the full results of the competition:

Saturday Results

Elementary Round 1

Medium Round 1

Prelim Beginner Rider Round 1

Prelim Open Round 1

Walk Trot Round 1


Sunday Results

Elementary 2


Prelim Beginner

Prelim Open

Walk Trot


Show Jumping Results

30-50 cm Beginner Rider

50-70 cm

70-90 cm Open

90-100 cm OPEN



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