If you are foaling your mare, this app will come in handy for you. The app itself was created in Australia while developer Aimee Taylor was foaling down her mares. She felt like she needed better technology to watch over her mares and so she developed Foal App to help keep a better eye on the mares.

This is how it works:

  1. Download the app on your smart phone and a second smart phone, then attach the monitor smart phone to their broodmare’s halter. The app works by using the sophisticated sensors already in a smart phone.
  2. Users can view a live video and audio feed from the mare’s phone, helping them to check for “false alarms” at anytime, from anywhere.
  3. Other benefits include the ability to monitor multiple mares on your phone, low battery/signal alerts, long range signal (via mobile network) and reliability in all weather conditions. For use during the night, users can activate the torch on the monitor phone from their personal phone.
  4. Foal App is free to download and use as a receiver, but to use it to monitor a mare you must buy credit within the app. This credit is per week, but does not expire until it is assigned to a mare and consumed. Weekly credits cost $US10-20 depending on quantity. The Foal App pouch to attach the phone to your mare is $US49.95. The monitor phone attached to the mare will also need its own mobile phone plan.

Equine veterinarian Amanda Waller helped test Foal App, and she was impressed with its performance. The app allows you to video stream from the phone even from a distance. You can also her the horse clearly. So when the mare starts breathing heavily you’ll know when to rush to the stables. Afterwards you can also monitor how the mare mothers her foal without being near her and disturbing them.

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