Sailub and Siengsaw Lertratanachai are two of Thailands young jumping talents. Determined to achieve great things in Show Jumping their looks can fool you. Behind their angelic faces lies a fighter that is ambitious and competitive as any other.

It was back in 2010 where we first met the sisters in Indonesia. At that particular moment, it was a South East Asian Young Riders Competition in Pegasus Stables. Since then, the sisters returned to the Netherlands where they focused on improving their skills.

As years gone by, 2013 marked a great year for Saw. It was here where she won silver in the FEI World Jumping Challenge Final in Venezuela and Team Bronze in the SEA Games Myanmar. From then on the momentum kept rolling as she consistently won Bronze in the next two SEA Games events. Which in turn, the sisters won team Bronze in 2015 SEA Games Singapore together. Furthermore, the 2015 SEA Games was also the year Sailub won Individual Bronze.

This year the sisters are currently preparing to qualify for the Asian Games 2018 in Indonesia. We recently met with Team Sailub Siengsaw as they prepared for the Asian Games:

How did you get into horse riding? Is your whole family into riding?

Sailub: I first started horse riding when I was quite small, but only on a trail ride, nothing serious, as I was a swimmer before, so mostly i focus on my swimming career and  horse riding was just “on and off” thing for me. But then when I was 10 years old and Saw was 7 we moved to an International school. There were “after school” activities that we have to choose, which is part of the school requirement. and horse riding was one of them. So We chose to do that and that was the first time that we were properly introduced into the sport. And from there on we never quit riding.

Who inspires you?

Both of us have the same inspiration when we started. We wanted to ride for our country and to be just like our coach, the SEA Games 2001 Gold Medalist Eventing, Akkasit Tiatrakul. Only we want to be a Show Jumper. And we we grew older into the sport, we have more inspirations from Top riders like Gerco Schröder, Harrie Smolders, Marcus Ehning, Edwina Tops-Alexander.

Asian Games 2018 is coming up, any specific preparations?

For the Asian Games, we are doing our best to keep our horses good in shape, healthy and to be in form as possible when the Games begin.

How has the preparations been so far?

We will be training both in Thailand and The Netherlands. So far so good!

Which mount are you planning to take to Asian Games 2018?

We’ll see! If everything goes as plan, Saw will be taking Courville, Sailub will be taking Cagena Z (Cassie)

Are the mounts the same type? Do you both like the same type of horses?

Totally different types. Saw likes a small horse, easy flat work, easy in the combinations and not too much and too less blood.

Sailub obviously  like grey horses. But Sailub likes Mares, and a horse that gives everything he/she got. Doesn’t matter how hard in the flat as long as he/she gives you the amazing feelings in the jumps.

Do you think you girls have the same style of riding?

Completely different also. Saw is more like a fighter in the course but doesn’t like to work on the flat as much as Sailub. Sailub is more of a quieter rider in a course than Saw and likes to work on the flat.

For example, when both of us is in the jump off, Saw will show her expression that “she really wanna win” but Sailub will be more calm with her expression but in the inside she really fight and want to win. People say if we put us two together then its perfect!

Who do you think are to lookout for in Asian Games 2018?

The countries to lookout for in the Asian Games are the riders from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Japan.

What do you think about the level of riding in Asia is so far?

Both the levels of the riders and the competition in Asia are getting higher and higher. Take Thailand for an example, we have more riders in the Big class now, courses are getting more technical, and there are more shows happening too.

Most memorable experience/accomplishment in riding?

Sailub: my most memorable experience was when I finished 15th in the Individual at my first Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea 2014. That was my first time ever jumping big fences like that and it was my first time representing Thailand. To be able to compete and getting feedbacks from Asia top riders, was one of the best experience I’ve ever gotten. My most memorable accomplishment must be the SEA Games 2015 Singapore, when I won my first SEA Games Bronze in the team and Bronze in the individual.

Saw: my most memorable experience is when I won Silver medal at the FEI World Jumping Challenge Final Venezuela 2013 and my first Asian Games Incheon in 2014. My most memorable accomplishment is when I won a one Bronze medal each at SEA Games 2013 Myanmar, SEA Games Singapore 2015, and SEA Games Malaysia 2017.


These two have already achieved abundantly in the short span of 7 years. We wish them the best of luck in the Asian Games 2018, see you girls in Indonesia!




Pic Credit: Official Instagram of Team Sailub Siengsaw

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