The TEDxYouth at Sinarmas World Academy has successfully ended. It is truly inspiring to see a day filled with enthusiastic audiences and knowledge sharing from among the brightest in their respective industries.

The initiative included speakers from various backgrounds, it included politicians, animators, athletes, teachers, math olympiads and many more sharing their insights with enthusiastic audience members. Here’s a glimpse of topics given by speakers during the event.


Ronny Gani (Animator)

Ronny Gani is one of Indonesia’s few animators to have made breakthroughs in major Hollywood movies. He started working for Lucasfilm in 2008 and his experience speaks for itself. Playing major roles in the development of characters in films such as The Avengers, Pacific Rim, Noach, Transformers: Age of Exctinction, The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man.


Jusuf Wanandi (Politician)

Jusuf Wanandi is a well-known politician and educator. He is one of the founders for the well-known Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) think tank in Jakarta and has continued to be active in the affairs of CSIS till today. Also, he is one among the board of directors for The Jakarta Post.


Dr. Antonius Nikolas Kurniawan

Dr. Antonius Nikolas Kurniawan is an Anatomy Pathology Specialist Doctor with a wealth of experience including Gernontology and Age-related conditions. Currently, Dr. Kurniawan is practicing medicine at Medistra Hospital in Setiabudi, South Jakarta, and Pantai Indah Kapuk Hospital in Penjaringan, North Jakarta. As a physician, he has been educated at the University of Indonesia. He brings passion for patient care and has proven himself to be a major contributor to a variety of fields of medicine over the course of his distinguished career.

Finally, Djiugo was among the topics shared during the event. It came about as Reshwara A. Radinal began to talk about his journey and how Djiugo came to the picture. In addition, the initial thought process for Djiugo was a platform where horse enthusiasts can access information about horses. Whether it would be to procure, train, read more information or directorial services Djiugo wishes to provide them all.

Lastly, The theme of the talks was Engage, Act and Thrive. In a way, the theme of the TEDTalks suited the story for the creation of Djiugo well. Therefore, the moment to share Djiugo with the TEDexperience seemed like a perfect fit.


We are truly thankful for the opportunity to gain and share knowledge with others.



TEDxYouthSWA Brochure


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