With less than 70 days to go till the start of the Asian Games, JEP has started implementing the Special Footing for the upcoming games. Approximately 50% of the footing in the Field of Play is completed. The venue is speeding up the processes right before the holidays, work will shortly continue right after the holidays.

JEP has several other arenas currently undergoing the footing construction. For instance, the footing in the Covered Arena, Collecting Ring and Training Ring have already been completed. They use the Special Footing, “Show Jumping Mix” in all arenas for the Asian Games venue. It has been approved by the FEI and Footing Consultant for the upcoming games.

The footing onsite was built by Oliver Hoberg (GER).

A few other facilties on site:
  • Over 90 bedrooms Dormitory
  • Equine Clinic
  • Isolation Stables
  • 1000 seats Main Tribune
  • Multipurpose Room
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Water Treatment Facility
  • Two Tier Stables

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