Exciting news from Indonesia, as they officially appoint Joss Gray as their eventing head coach! Joss is an International Event rider who has competed in CCI**** level and is an experienced International Event Team Coach. As a rider, both Doubting Thomas and Nabatean Treat were two of his best horses that have campaigned in both CCI*** and CCI**** Eventing.

For those of you that don’t know, Joss’ first trip to Indonesia was back in 1999. From there, he has been with the Indonesian Team several more years to come. Although it began in 1999, Joss’ first South East Asian Games with Indonesia was in Kuala Lumpur 2001. During this time he coached the Indonesian team to a bronze medal in the SEA Games. A decade later, Joss was again appointed the National Head Coach of the Indonesian  Team to coach for the SEA Games Jakarta. In front of the home crowed Joss coached the team to a Silver medal and helped Anto Budiarto to Individual Bronze.

Finally, this year 2018 Joss is once again appointed the National Head Coach of the Indonesian team for the Asian Games. This event will be his third official go around with Indonesia, and it seems its all leading up to this very moment. In front of the home crowd, on a new venue with Joss Gray. We caught up with Joss to discuss his current preparations for the Asian Games 2018.

How are you feeling with the riders and horses?

It’s been great. It was good to have done first CCI in Indonesia. Which resulted in getting several combinations qualified for the games. It’s exciting to see what we currently have and our prospects for the games.


This isn’t your first time with the time, how would you say things have changed in the last 20 years?

I’ve been coming here for the last 20 years. Everything has evolved so much in terms of quality of horses and level of riding. Furthermore, lots of riders have competed at a very good level in show jumping and dressage disciplines. Which really helps when they are competing in eventing.


Any personal goals for the Asian Games?

Personally, to be part of a successful Indonesian Team. Which is hosting what would be an amazing championships.


We have many nations taking part in the Asian Games. Are there any teams to look out for?

This year several teams who have enter will provide lots of competition. However, I don’t really like to focus on other teams. Instead, I would prefer to focus on all the Indonesian riders producing their personal best at the games and the results will takes care for themselves. It is an exciting prospect seeing them do that with the home crowd behind them.

How do you feel being part of Indonesia for many years now?

It is a real privilege to be part of the Indonesian team again. Having been part of two South East Asian Games and finally being appointed again to coach in the Asian Games. It feels as if fate was always leading to this moment.

We wish Joss and the Indonesian National Eventing Team the best of luck in the Asian Games 2018. Indonesia will definitely be roaring backing up our riders in the upcoming games.


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