The Asian Games 2018 will soon take place in Jakarta and Palembang, preparations and constructions have been going on for a while now to complete facilities and venues. The equestrian disciplines will take place in Pulomas, Jakarta, a historical riding facility that was one of the first in Indonesia.

The initial development of this arena was the part of the Five-Year Development of DKI Jakarta, its implementation started in 1969 and opened for the first racing activity in 1970. To organize and facilitate the racing in Pulomas the establishment of Jakarta Racing Management (JRM) was created under the supervision and control of International Racing Authority (IRA).

The building and construction was done under JRM, an Australian company and Jakarta Government. At that time, horse owners were not allowed to be in management.

Early on Pulomas Race Track was a permitted place for gambling, the money from that was used to facilitate and improve Jakarta. Betting was one of the efforts from the government of DKI Jakarta to provide recreational activities and horse sports at that time. Once a recreational activity was later on closed down because as time passed gambling was considered illegal in Indonesia.

Once the betting stopped, the funding for the racing facility struggled. As a result the Australia part of JRM left, and Pulomas or JRM was given to Jakarta/Indonesians.  Hence the start of racing with thoroughbreds cross-bred with local horses, (KPI) Kuda Pacu Indonesia. It has become the racing we know today in Indonesia.

Today Pulomas’ land is of approximately 35 hectares, with a 7 hectare lake in the heart of the area. Not only is it a racing facility, the area can be used for other activities as well. It has the ability to cater other activities with its new and improved facilities. One of the goals, other than being the cornerstone of Internationally acclaimed riding facility, is to become a green area for North and East Jakarta. A green area for Jakarta.

After years of being a racing track and equestrian facility with multiple riding clubs, Pulomas is being transformed to an international standard equestrian facility to meet the requirements as the venue for the Asian Games 2018. Now known as Jakarta International Equestrian Park Pulomas (JIEPP) 90% of the venue is ready.  It is only still missing finishing touches and interior design. There have already been test events on the 13th-15th October 2017 and 1st-3rd December 2017 and everything seems to be in great condition for the upcoming Games.

Currently the facilitators are working with a special footing consultant for 5 arenas (1 indoor arena 42m X 75m, Training Arena 70m X 80m, Warm Up Arena 70m X 80m, Collecting arena 25m X 60m, Field of Play 80m X 100m  and the Cross Country Field.

The facilities that will be available at the venue are:

– Equine Clinic

– Isolation Stables

– Horse Walker and 2 Lunging Rings

– Groom Dormitory with 91 rooms

– Equipment Storage

– Water Treatment Plant

Main Tribune Building 

– Single seat up to 1000 seats

– Working Offices for Organizer

– Multipurpose Ball Room

Other than that the facilitators are also working together with:

Consultant for Equine Diseases Free Zone is Mrs Suzanne Munsterman (GER)

Technical Delegates:

Dressage: Mrs. Mary Seegfred (AUS)

Show Jumping: Mr. Olaf Petersen (GER)

Eventing:  Mr. Neil Mc Kenzie (NZL)

Veterinary Delegate: Dr. Warwick Vale (AUS)

Course Designer

Show Jumping: Mr. Werner Deeg (GER)

Cross Country: Mr. John Nicholson (NZL)

The venue is as good as ready for the Games to begin and we wish everyone involved the best of luck!

For more pictures: JIEPP Instagram

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