Yanyan Hadiansah and Bodius is a combination to be reckoned with. These two have been in top form since last year in preparation for the SEA Games 2017. Again, the opening show of 2018 saw a familiar face. These two consistently produce success when it counts.

Unfortunately though, these two did not make the team that competed in SEA Games 2017. Nonetheless, it does not take away the fact that for the past few shows these two have somehow snatched the win in various occasions and in different venues. For instance, during the Indonesian Grand Prix Show that took place in Arthayasa Stables in May 2017 these two again stole the show. Being the winner of the Grand Prix, Yanyan took home the Grand Prize. They’ve taken home more big wins than any other rider in 2017, winning the Iphone Jetblack in Arthayasa to the Honda Motorcycle in APM.

The first show of 2018 was no different, again taking the main stage and winning 1.40m in Cavalry Equestrian Cup. Yanyan can’t help but be pleased with how the partnership has been going so far. We caught up with Yanyan to have a little chat about his experience at the Equestrian Cavalry Cup 2018.

How does you feel to be on top of the 1.40 cm class?

I am very pleased to be able to have consistent placing in this class.

How was Bodius condition during the show?

Bodius’ condition was 100%. From the first day on he was fresh and full of energy.

Can you tell us a little bit about the course?

The course itself was quite difficult, since the size of the arena was also quite small.  I personally found fence number 5 the most challenging. The combination was a bit tough cause the space leading to the fence was quite small. Was a bit tricky. Other than that the ground was also quite good.

You’ve been with Bodius for quite sometime now, did you two hit it off straight away?

It took me quite while. It’s been three years now and we’re a great team.

What was the most exciting part of the Equestrian Cavalry Cup 2018?

I am very happy to have won the main class once again with a different horse at my home town and it was the first time Bodius got first place in Parongpong.


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