Nadya Zax was one of the two young dressage talents who performed during Djiugo’s halftime show. She danced around the arena performing the Pas de Deux on her Lusitano, Azagallo. Nadya is in her last year of High School and will soon head off for college. This year she plans to take part in the qualifications for the Asian Games and fight for a spot to represent the country. We recently had a chance to speak with her regarding her plans for the Asian Games.

When did you get into riding?

Ever since I was a toddler, I loved being around horses. No one really knows why, since no one in my family is a rider. I always did pony rides, but I started basic lessons at around 7 years old.

Who motivates you?

A lot of people motivate me. My parents, of course. They put so much time, effort and support into letting me do what I love, so this motivates me to work hard in order to make them proud and show them that their support hasn’t gone to waste. My trainers, Mario and Bi, are big motivators as well. They’ve helped get me to where I am today and are constantly pushing me to become a better rider. They’ve taught me so much over the years, so I want to make them proud as well. 

Any plans for the Asian Games? If so, who will you be riding for the qualifications?

Being a part of the Asian Games would be incredible, so I want to participate in the qualifications. This is my last year in Indonesia before I go to college. Being a part of the Asian Games would prove to myself, my family and my trainers that all the work that we have put in to this sport has paid off. But I can’t get ahead of myself, so the focus right now is on qualifications, which I will participate in with Bique Bique. 

What was your most memorable accomplishment?

I have a lot of little accomplishments rather than big ones. I’ve started to consider a lot of the little things as accomplishments. I guess one that sticks out the most is when I completed my first line of two tempi’s with Bique Bique. Flying changes had always been a struggle for us, sometimes we would land them perfectly and sometimes we wouldn’t. But we’ve been working hard on them. When I finally managed a line of good two tempi’s in a good quality canter, I started to think that I could finally move up from competing in the Advanced class. I think this small accomplishment showed how me and my horse have developed as a pair. I was extremely excited at the time, as this milestone indicated that we are now capable of so much more.

Here are some snaps of Nadya during Djiugo’s Halftime Show:



Indonesia is blessed to have some of the youngest and most promising dressage riders qualifying for the Asian Games. We hope that their journeys will one day inspire the younger generations to aspire to be like them. Nadya’s pure love for horses has driven her to be one of the top young dressage talents Indonesia has to offer.

We wish Nadya the best of luck in the preparations for the Asian Games. And once again, thank you to Nadya for performing at the Djiugo Riding School Championships.

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