Brayen Brata Coolen is one of the most common names you’ll see on the starting list in Indonesia. Brayen currently rides for Aragon Equestrian Sport which is based in Bandung, West Java. For those of you that don’t know, Brayen has been riding since 2003.

It was 14 years ago that Brayen’s mother, Nicolette Brata-Coolen took her son to his first riding lesson. Having lived in Bandung, she took him to Parongpong for his first lesson. A year after, in 2004 Brayen competed for the first time.


Even at a young age, it is undeniable that he has the desire to win. He moved not long after to pursue a more competitive career in equestrian, moving across the venue to Bandung Equestrian Center training with James Momongan. Training there helped him become what he is today. Currently Brayen rides for Aragon Equestrian Sport and is the main rider of this particular stable.

2017 has brought many ups and downs for Brayen, the greatest achievement this year was representing Indonesia in the SEA Games Kuala Lumpur, Malaysa. Having been his first time representing Indonesia in the SEA Games was the highlight of 2017. However, towards the end of 2017 he found himself at a hurdle. While preparing for the test event for Asian Games 2018, he suffered a fall that caused him to break his collar-bone. Which meant he had to step back for riding for a few months, since then he’s been mainly coaching other riders. On his free time, he tends to spend most of his free time catching up with friends and playing playstation.


Recently we got a chance to catch up with Brayen to ask about his plans for 2018.


“Any preparations for Asian Games 2018?”

With Asian Games 2018 coming up, hopefully i’ll be able to train in Holland and hopefully qualify for the it.


“We’ve recently heard you broke your collarbone a few months ago, have been back on the horse since?”

I had a quick ride today. Feels great, hopefully there won’t be anymore complications. Will try to build up again gradually, we’ll see how it goes these upcoming months.


“Last but not least, who inspires you?”

My mother, she’s been with me from the very beginning. She took me to my first lesson and until now she still comes and supports me on the sideline. So to see her support me like this makes me want to get better each day.


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