Its officially one month left until the Djiugo Riding School Championship second leg in JPEC! In case you’ve missed it, there is still plenty to fight for.

Currently sitting in pole position is Emporium from Surabaya with 270 points. In second place, Arthayasa Stables with 104 points. It’s a tight race between the third and fourth spot with only two points separating Kentauros and Santosa Stables. Obviously some of you may ask, how did Emporium end up with a big gap?

The answer is simple, their riders took the wins in classes with the most participants. As a result, riders participating with a minimum of 15 riders gets the maximum points per class. Hence, riders participating in classes with less than 15 riders will have their points deducted to match the amount of participants in such class. The calculation is simple, more than 15 riders means full points and those with less than 15 won’t get maximum points. So there is still plenty to fight for, it’s still up for grabs! Keep practicing and riding for the prize! Remember come April, winners of each category will get free clinics from our foreign Judges. And to Riding Schools, keep your eye on the grand prize of Rp 10.000.000,-, Honda Motorcycle, and the long awaited Djiugo Trophy!



Walk Trot Test 3

PreliminaryTest – 1 (Germany Based)(1)


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