For those of you wondering, who exactly is Mr. Andreas Bamberger? Let’s meet the man behind the course.

Having come from Europe, Mr. Bamberger has been directly involved in many big events. For one, he was a team member of the Organising Committe for the LGCT Vienna back in his home land. Mentored under great Course Designers such as Frank Rothenberger, Werner Deeg, Frederic Cottier and Stefan Wirth he has been under the wing of some of the worlds best.

“Course Design is not a Service, its a Passion”

Quoted by Mr. Bamberger himself, this course will be much different than just an ordinary course design clinic. Included in the syllabus will be:

  • Training Scale
  • Education on Young Horses
  • Power and Skill of Horse and Rider
  • Speed and Time Allowed
  • Balance and Elasticity
  • Horse Management
  • Influences on Distances
  • Complexities as a Course Designer
  • Drawing the Course Plan
  • Strategies of the Course Designer
  • etc.
Not only does the clinic include theoretical work, but participants of the course will also be able to put their knowledge into practice. (It is optional to bring your horse and try the courses).

During this practical work you will learn:

  • How to Walk Distances
  • Influence on Distances
  • Practical Exercises on straightness and riding the lines correctly
  • Power exercises, Scope, Confidence of Horses
  • Course Building
  • Walking the Course
  • Riding the Course
There are two packages offered for this course. An Individual Package or Group of Three Package.

Individual Package

  • Rp 2.000.000,-
  • 3 day clinic
  • Snacks, Drinks and Lunch included
  • Hotel and Stabling excluded

Group of Three Package

  • Rp 5.000.000,-
  • 3 day clinic
  • Snacks, Drink and Lunch included
  • Hotel and Stabling excluded
  • Preferrable 2 students with their instructors or per club entry


So what else are you waiting for!

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