A few days ago we have just completed the Course Design Clinic for Riders and Trainers with Andreas Bamberger (AUT). It was a three day event filled with theoretical and practical work throughout. The purpose of the course was to educate riders and trainers that course designing is more than just drawing a course plan.

Over the course of three days Andreas explained the basics of course design and some influences that play part in drawing courses. The first few days were filled with theoretical knowledge to give participants a clearer insight to course design. On the last day of the event theory was put into practice. Participants were given the chance to draw their courses and layout parts of their course on the ground. Some even built their full course and was tested by one of the riders.

Approximately 21 participants took part in the event, of which a majority are riders but vary from ages.

We would like to thank Mr. Andreas Bamberger  for his time and expertise, we hope this pilot project can continue on in the future.
Also, we cannot thank Xirka Silicon Technology enough for their support for this event.

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