For those of you wondering what exactly is MET Oliva, heres what we can tell you. MET Oliva is an abbreviation for Mediterranean Equestrian Tour in Oliva, Valencia, Spain. Secondly, the Oliva Nova Equestrian Centre is home to arena with international standards and is currently the place to be!


Riders from across the world come here to compete in the nice weather and enjoy the internationally acclaimed venue. The event attracts the best horsemen from over 44 countries from all 5 continents. In addition, the Oliva Nova Equestrian Centre qualifies to host official comptitions, both national and internationally in dressage and jumping.

  1. Warm-Up Area
  2. Arena Valencia
  3. VIP Tent
  4. Arena Oliva Nova
  5. Village
  6. Arena Oliva
  7. Warm-Up Area
  8. Stables
  9. Warehouse
  10. Farrier
  11. Veterinary Clinic
  12. Lunging Arena
  13. Flatwork Arena

Among them are 8 sand arenas built by Klaus Dammann of Risohorse (Ebb and Flow System). Also, the Grand Prix grass arena is 140m x 80m.

Furthermore it is home to 1000 boxes and stables. 300 permanent boxes and 700 portable stables.

One more thing, its 500m away from the beach so bring you’re swimwear!

The experience you’ll get at Oliva Nova is definitely one worth visiting.

Heres a glimpse of what to expect




source: www.metoliva.com and www.olivanova.com

Pictures and videos is owned by www.metoliva.com and www.olivanova.com


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