Riding Gloves have become a common item people use when riding their horses. Whether it is from comfort or to avoid blisters, gloves is one way to address that need. Currently local brands in Indonesia have stepped up to address the need for gloves. Otera Horse Riding Gloves is a new product that has just launched into the Indonesian equestrian scene. Otera works closely with international Indonesian athletes to continuously improve their quality. It is surely designed to exceed your expectations. “Local Delights” with an exceptional quality. So here’s a glimpse of what Otera is all about!
What is the story behind the gloves?

The first thought behind the gloves was to create a local product that is classy yet feels comfortable to use.  Our goal is to build Indonesian sports teams to become better, stronger and competitive internationally. By producing local products with an international standard, we hope to incrementally create better products to empower our athletes. By doing so, our hope is to bring the Indonesian flag proudly into the global scene.

What’s the product name?

We want to create a brand that not only sells goods, but also aims to support the sport in terms of athletes and building the community together. Our brand name is Otera. Our current product is the Otera Horse Riding Gloves.

Any Plans for the Future?

In terms of the gloves, our current plan is to continuously improve them. By receiving feedback from athletes and customers to get insight to what makes this glove better. Also we are currently developing an improved product made from synthetic materials. In the future, we hope to be able to create leather gloves to provide a different variety.

In the future, we also want to develop other products for horse riding. Such as polo shirts, leather pants, boots that are a perfect fit and horse care products.

Size and price?

We currently have 5 sizes. They are Junior, XS, S, M, L.

The market price for white gloves is now Rp 350.000,-. In addition, we are able to cater your needs of having your own customised design! Design your own colours, design, logo and we’ll be able to create your own customised product.

Currently our gloves is available in white. Though in the future we plan to have 3 more additional colours, of which dark blue, black and brown are among them.

What is the official logo?

We are still in our initial stage of designing our logo. Our current logo is temporary, as we have plans to change this in the future.



For orders contact: +6281905411333

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