7-year-old Georgia Hope Handrianto, or “Gia” is the rising star of young equestrians. This passionate little girl has got spectators off their feet. If you haven’t seen Gia in action then you have been missing out.

Little Gia is making a name for herself in the Indonesian Equestrian community. Born in Bandung 8 April 2010, this girl is now ready to face any kind of challenge that will come along as she enthusiastically builds her equestrian career. With the endless support of her parents, she gets to enjoy her passion for horses as much as she can.

Gia was introduced to horses about 3 years ago. I started riding a horse when I was about 5 1/2 old, we went to this park in Bandung, and I saw horses, and I instantly fell in love.  I refused to get off of the horse, so my parents let me go on for more rounds. After that one of my dad’s friend, Opa Katompo suggested that I take horse-riding classes. And the rest is history,” She explains.

Gia truly loves animals, so practicing a sport that involves a living animal is just the right thing for her. This is also one of the fascinating things about very young riders. Weighing only 25 kg and being 127 cm tall, this girl is capable of controlling a 500 kg animal impressively.

She started her riding lessons regularly ever since she first stepped on the grounds of Bala Turangga Denkavkud in 2015. I practice 4 times a week, but I would love to do it everyday, even on Mondays”, She says with a smile.

Gia’s first competition was the internal HUT KAV Cavalry Equestrian Cup 2017 on January 21-22, 2017.  “This was my first time. I competed in 30-50 cm Show Jumping Children. I was very nervous but excited at the same time.  Since this was my first time competing my parents said they were scared watching me. But I proved to them that I really wanted this, and I got 2nd place!” Gia proudly explains.

“I’m also participating in the Walk Trot Children category. I want to perfect my technique on how to control my horse,” Gia adds. Obviously Gia understands what it takes to build herself up.

She has already been doing great since the beginning. However the most memorable event was the recent Djiugo Riding School Championship.My greatest accomplishment was when I got 2nd place in the U15 90 cm show jumping at Djiugo Riding School Championship and my mom was shaking when she was watching me.”

Currently the Stamford School student is training for her upcoming Cavalry Equestrian Cup 2018 with the support of her coach Iwan Saputra.

“So far the preparation is going well. I am doing a lot of practice and putting my mindset on the right place. Of course I have to practice a lot, especially my jumping. I need to focus on concentration, nutrition, and good rest.” Gia explains enthusiastically. Gia will be participating in the 30-50cm Show Jumping children , 50-70cm Show Jumping Junior, and most probably 70-90cm Show Jumping Junior with her Horse Spirit Sikumbang. Gia owns two horses Spirit Sikumbang and Naomi.  “Spirit Sikumbang is my favorite. (Shh… Please don’t tell Naomi), Because he’s more careful and nice. Actually, I want to ride Naomi too, but she is too fast and I need to practice controlling her.”

The 7-year-old Gia has only started competing last year, but she has been collecting a lot of experience during her moments in the arena. “I’m very excited in every competition, but when I get on the horse, I get very nervous at first, but when the horse jumps there’s something inside of me that makes me feel very happy. My mom and dad always told me that it’s ok if I don’t win, and it’s ok if I’m not the best, because the most important thing is that I already tried my best. So, when I don’t win, I’m still happy and the best part is that my parents are so proud of me. But when I win, that’s a bonus for me.”

When we asked Gia about her biggest dream she answered: “My biggest dream is to ride a unicorn hihihi and to be a show jumping equestrian athlete and competing in children international show jumping competitions.”

We are looking forward to many great rides from her and are wishing Gia the best of luck for her next competition!


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