Since the start, JPEC Sentul was created by the members for the members. It is a place where you can unwind and relax, while enjoying scenic rides to the lake. This is a definite winner for kids, additionally JPEC has ideal pony camp programs which caters both theory and practice. To elaborate further regarding their programs, we met with Aditha Indra:


What makes JPEC different from other stables?

The main difference for JPEC is that we are member’s owned facility. Therefore all members contribute heavily for the club and all programs are purely for the benefit of the members.


What is does the pony camp program include?

The pony camp programs include; Horsemanship, Riding Skills, Teamwork, and Discipline. These are the four main pillars of our pony camp program. Additionally, these pillars assists kids to be more interactive outdoors.


Why do you think a lot of kids are enrolled in the program?

Kids like to be involved, therefore getting a hands on experience with horses seems like the perfect fit. Kids are able to get their hands dirty and enjoy being one with horses.


Are instructors the only one giving the course? Or does alumni’s of the camp allowed to help out?

Instructors will guide the class, they are also responsible for the activities given during the classes. However camp alumni’s, usually teenagers are the best teachers for kids. Kids generally look up to their seniors, and who better to teach them than camp alumni’s.


How did you come up for such programs?

We saw a need to cater young kids for their after-school activities. While keeping in line with our core values which is “by the members, for the members”, the opportunity for us to include the alumni’s and teenagers into the programs was a no brainer. By doing so, it gives the older ones a chance to test their knowledge in our school programs.



Riding, learning, spending time with friends all in a day. It is no question why kids enjoy spending their day in JPEC Sentul. The members enrolled seem more like a family then a group of individuals. Wishing JPEC all the best for the future!




Piccredit: Instagram JPEC


For full package details:

Jakarta Perkumupulan Equestrian Centre (JPEC) Sentul

Jl. Raya Pasir Maung, Babakan Madang, Citeureup

Bogor, 16810

+6221 8796 1569


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