The Cavalry Equestrian Cup has had a lot highlights. The eventing competition and eventing clinic with Joss Gray was among those highlights. Now based in Barbados, Joss took a small trip to Indonesia to give us a hand. The clinic was held from the 2227 of January 2018.

Joss has been in this very venue in 2011 to train the national team for the SEA Games and is pleasantly surprised by the development of the sport.

“The riding has improved and the quality of horses has improved as well. There is a lot prospect there.” Joss commented.

The clinic itself seemed to have been successful as the riders did quite well with their horses during the Cavalry Cup. “A lot of the riders have been able to take on board what we have been working on over the course. They are becoming much better regarding the safety aspect of the sport. I am very impressed”.

Even though the riders were careful there were still some bumpy moments and even one fall. It was quite interesting to see how the riders handled the course.

“The course is quite a demanding course cause it’s a lot of up and down the hill.It is a good training course with a lot of educational challenges, which have been very useful to make the riders ride effectively and safely. There is still a lot of training to do. Very good potential. Very confident riders.  There is the big aspect of safety and making sure they ride effectively.  But in terms of horsemanship, they are all good horsemen”.

The first time Joss came to Indonesia was in 1999. He has seen a lot of changes and growth in the sport.  When he was asked what has changed since then, he answered : “The whole equestrianism has changed. There are a lot of little children and they are really smart and passionate about the sport. Pretty good little riders. Any country would be proud to have so many talented young riders. It’s really lovely to see the regeneration.”

Foreign coaches coming to Indonesia has always been a great educational experience for the riders. We hope to see a lot more clinics like this in the future to help riders prepare and improve their skills in knowledge.

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