First and foremost we would like to Congratulate Tiara Ulfa Zein of Indonesia and other participants who were promoted to the FEI Level 1 Jumping Judge. Ulfa recently flew to Japan to purse the FEI Level 1 certification, there she met with other participants from other countries and a familiar face Nadia Chen of Singapore. We caught up with Ulfa and asked about her recent trip to Japan.


How did you get in to horses?

Since I was little I was always into horses. My whole family loves horses, so I was basically with horses since a very young age.


Did you always wanted to go into judging? Or riding first?

I love doing both, but I started off riding then gradually began judging as years went by. After I got the chance to scribe and help judges, the opportunity pretty much presented itself. As a result, I took the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge about being an official, steward and judge


Were there other courses which you have taken?

Yes, I have plenty of other courses as well. For instance; Stewarding, Dressage and Jumping Judge Clinics, Course Designing. Additionally, I plan to do much more courses in the future.


How was the overall FEI Level 1 Jumping Judge test for you? Was it difficult?

For me the test was pretty difficult, there is a lot of knowledge needed also apart from the rule book.


Whats the plan for the future?

For the future my plan is to get the highest level as a show jumping judge.


More courses?

Of course, to reach my goal I need to take more courses.

Any tips for aspiring officials and judges?

Take the opportunity to read the rule book and accompany judges during competitions. You’ll gain knowledge and experience to help you get your certification in the future.


Let’s hope to see Ulfa in many more events and hopefully see her help Indonesia during the Asian Games 2018.



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