Congratulations to Ian Fearon and the Irish Eventing Squad for winning Silver in the World Equestrian Games Tryon 2018.

In doing so, they have become the first Irish team to win a medal at the World Equestrian Games. Also, Ireland’s Padraig McCarthy also secured the individual Silver medal ahead of Germany’s Ingrid Klimke. Great Britains Rosalin Canter took top honours in the individuals. And to top it all off, Ireland has secured a spot for Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Road to WEG with Team Ireland

soure: https://vimeo.com/254371761

Road to Asian Games with Ian

Earlier this year Indonesia approached Ian Fearon to be there show jumping head coach for the Asian Games. And it was certainly an experience worth taking for. The challenge as hosts was already huge enough, but to bring riders up to the level within a few months of the games was a task of its own. Yet, the challenge was taken head on. Over the course of 4 months, the team needed to be selected and prepared for the games. Given the short time frame, everything needed to fall into place accordingly. Time flew by swiftly and there it was the Asian Games. The four riders asked to represent the country was:

  • Yanyan Hadiansah
  • Raymen Kaunang
  • Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto
  • Kurniadi Katompo

Of which, two of the riders were able to make it to the individual rounds. Kurniadi and Ferry both made it into the top 40’s to make the first individual round, and Ferry continued on to finish 19th overall after his second individual round. All of which is accredited to Ian’s system, dedication and hard work given our short time together.

Another historic feet set within the short timeframe.

We are truly honoured to have been coached by Ian for the past few months leading up to the Asian Games. Here’s a few things you might not know about our journey with Ian.


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