As the Asian Games 2018 is coming up, some of you may ask what type of horse feed is available in Indonesia. Both local and imported feed is available in Indonesia. On this post, the focus will be on two imported feeds in Indonesia, Cavalor (Belgium) and Hygain Feed (Australia).


  • Founded in 1989 by Peter Bollen, specialised in Nutrition of Sporthorses
  • Designed to meet the nutritional needs of high-performance horses
  • Belgian Based Company
  • Source: http://www.cavalor.com/int/products/category/2/feed


There are 4 products available in Indonesia


  • Low protein content
  • Oat free
  • Contains tryptophan and extra magnesium
  • Suitable for hot horses and horses prone to stress

Action Mix

  • Basic sports mixture with oats
  • Ideal entry-level sport feed
  • Balanced
  • Optimal digestion
  • Healthy intestinal flora
  • Ideal mix for active competition horses engaging light work


  • The daily sport energy dose
  • Competition feed for competition horses
  • Suitable for all disciplines: average to intensive work horses
  • Supports joints
  • High-digestible ingredients
  • Healthy intestinal flora

Traditional Pellets

  • Pelleted feed made with the core ingredients for a well-balanced traditional ration
  • Ideal pellet with all essential nutrients
  • Oat free
  • Very tasty
  • Good digestion
  • Ideal for all horses



  • Founded in 1983 by Greg Manley
  • Designed as a naturally balanced feed
  • The company grew from a one man operation to a dedicated equine feed mill through word of mouth
  • Australian Based Company
  • Source: http://www.hygain.com.au/range/


There are 4 products available in Indonesia

Grand Prix Premium

  • A diet for Premium Performance
  • Palatable blend of micronised grain, chaff, vitamins and minerals coated RBO Equine Performance Oil and molasses
  • Suitable for medium to high performance work


  • Complete racing feed
  • High energy micronised sweet feed formulated to provide balanced diet for performance horses in full training and competition
  • Suitable for high performance horses


  • Hy-fibre cool conditioner
  • High fibre, low starch, fortified pellet scientifically formulated to provide cool slow release energy for calm conditioning and healthy gut function
  • Approved by the Laminitis Trust and suitable for all equine activities
  • Relaxed, Responsive, Fit and Healthy


  • High performance feed for horses prone to tying up
  • Non-oat micronised sweet feed, scientifically formulated to provide the fuel and essential nutrients for optimum performance in horse prone to the tying up syndrome and other muscle disorders
  • Suitable for high performance horses prone to tying up

All Rounder

  • The cool conditioning feeding
  • Palatable pelletised feed that provides a balanced nutritional diet
  • Suitable for horses and ponies being spelled or in a light to moderate work



Both feeds are available in Arthayasa Stables, for orders: +6221 754 70 25

An alternative option:

Cavalor is also available in JPEC Sentul, for orders: +6221 8796 1569


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