If you have not already seen the latest travel package in Hungary, you sure have missed out! Located in Csákvár, Hungary, Floriana Stud was established in 2013. It incorporates breeding, raising and training as well as trading sport horses. In this post our emphasis would be on their expertise on Reproductions Biology and Riding Clinics.
Firstly, what are things that come to mind with Reproductions Biology? Artificial Insemination? Embryo Transfer? or Conservations Technologies? Floriana stud has it covered! So for those of you looking to learn new things other than riding this is one place to be. Their workshops include all three aspects of Reproductions Biology. Furthermore, the minimum group size of the workshop is three people. Included in the workshop is the airport transfer, hotel, introductions and practical workshops. Although, it must be noted that flight tickets are not included in the overall package of the workshop.
Secondly, their riding clinics. Since their main focus is on showjumping and hunters, they are able to host a week long show jumping clinic. At the end of the one week experience hence ending the week with a competition. This particular package does not have a minimum group size, you are able to participate as an individual. Additionally, the package includes the renting of a horse, trainer, insurance, hotel and airport transfer. Again, it should be taken into account that the flight ticket is not included in the package.
Finally the trainers available at the stud has a vast experience in show jumping. For instance; Tamás Páble is an experienced show jumping trainer with experience up to 1.40m classes and is available for overseas training. Second, Attila Lóránd is an experienced show jumping trainer with experiences up to 1.55m. Although their expertise in show jumping, the stud can also organise training for dressage and military riders with professional trainers.
So, who wouldn’t want to visit the wonders of Hungary and ride with Floriana stud?

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