2017 has given us great opportunities that we could not have asked for. From the birth of Djiugo that came about in mid November, to the unbelievable reception we’ve received the following month till today. The end of 2017 means that theres a new beginning in 2018. Furthermore there are many things to look forward to in 2018.

Five Things to Look Forward to in 2018

First, the long anticipated wait for Djiugo App on Android. The android version launched not long after the iOS version. It was approximately a week after the launch that the android version was live. However it was removed not long after. In early 2018, the android version will be once again ready. For both android and iOS users, we’ve added a new feature to enhance the user experience even further.


Secondly, February and April will bring the second and final leg of Djiugo Riding School Championship 2017-2018. The first leg took part in November 2017, with approximately 170 entries over the course of two days. Looking forward to what the following two legs have to offer! Additionally, the following two legs will take part in two different venues.


Third, foreign judges in the final leg of the Riding School Championship. The announcement of the foreign judges will be made in February. Furthermore, the winners of the whole series are able to take part in clinics by the foreign judges for free. For competitors who did not win a free clinic voucher can still take part in the clinics, however is contingent to a small fee for the clinics.


Fourth, the Asian Games 2018. Indonesia will host the Asian Games in Palembang and Jakarta. The venue for the equestrian event will take place in Jakarta International Equestrian Park Pulomas. Countries from all over Asia will take part in the festivity and Djiugo will be covering most of the event on the day. So be on the look out for our latest updates!


Finally, Djiugo goes to Central and East Java. For the 2018-2019 season of the riding school championship, we will expand the venues to both Central and East Java. The announcement of the venues for Central and East Java will be made shortly after the end of the 2017-2018 season. As usual, the season will start in November and end in April.


These was our five minute Monday post, so be on the look out for our latest updates on the app and website! May 2018 bring you all joy and success throughout the year!

Happy New Year!

Lets take on 2018!

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