As we close the Djiugo 2017-2018 season, we think onwards to start the new season of 2018-2019. However, we see a possibility for us to share the knowledge with those interested. Therefore, we would like to invite everyone interested to the Equitation and Basics of Riding seminar.

For those of you that may already know, Eric Naberink was one of the judges during the final leg of the season. He will be back in Indonesia close to the Asian Games dates to give the seminar. This would mean Eric will be in Indonesia around August and September. The seminar will consists of both practical and theoretical knowledge, we advise trainers and riders to come and join to understand fully what judges expect during equitation classes. In order for riders and trainers to understand fully of the course, demonstrations will also be conducted during the event.

For details, contact us at: +62817770272 or info@djiugo.com

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