Animals have it less comfortable on plane rides than humans. However, an airport hotel in New York will change this! Here, horses will dine from the finest equine cuisine and sleep in the most comfortable “rooms”.

The hall has 23 stable boxes. The red floor is polished and the black steel gates shine bright. It doesn’t have an odor- which is unusual for a horse stable- However this place is required to offer extravagance.  “ARK at JFK” is a luxury airport hotel for horses and other animals at the biggest airport in New York. It is also said to be the first of its kind.

The owner John Cuticelli is a small man with short trimmed gray hair and round glasses. For him relaxation is a business. Inside the stable the horses are doing just that: relaxing. Five ventilators that are spinning in hypnotic motion on the ceiling of the Stables make sure the horses have a comfortable breeze inside their “executive suite”. These wonder machines are designed to blow warm air on the horses back during winter time and absorb steam from sweat on the horses skin during summer time.

Cuticelli is also responsible for the beautiful tunes of the Italian Opera that can be heard through out the halls of the ARK. His Favorite is Pavarotti. Do the horses respond to it? According to Cuticelli the horses like it, because he does.

The project itself is worth 65 million US-Dollars and Cuticelli is actually not an equine pro. He is a Property investor and a dog owner. He relies on “his people” to take care of the horses welfare. The marketing is mainly directed at valuable horse owners, however it seems to go beyond just that. Cuticellis earliest plan is to create a 24-hour Animal-terminal with a quarantine station on a more than 16000 square meter area. It should also have its own animal clinic once it is established.

Up until today animals are treated as goods in the international air traffic. While the travelling human is complaining about too little space or terrible food on the plane, the animals have to be kept in the cargo-area and don’t get the luxury of a fine meal. The circumstances of take-off and landing are not always pleasant either. Often they are placed in storage or holding halls where they are put together with shelves of transport boxes. It is also often too hot or too cold.

This is where Cuticelli came up with his idea. For people who own valuable animals or really love their animals and want to spend the money for this, it is quite recommendable. This way heir loved ones can travel with comfort.

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Source: http://www.arkjfk.com/

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