Each fall season, there is no absence of the equestrian style, especially in footwear. The Equestrian industry, riders, and most importantly the Horse have always been an inspiration for fashion designers.

We expect equestrian designs from brands like Gucci, Hermes, Dior and Ralph Lauren. Yet new designers have also shown this trend. History repeats, and the classic equestrian look is one that will never go out of style.

Equestrian style is usually marked with lots of tweed, riding-coat cuts, and equestrian silk accents.  Colors are trending in deep maroons, chestnut, hints of blues and olive accents.  The simple riding helmet matching fabricated accessory pulls the look together completely.

Prints made of saddle and stirrup leathers, bridle accessories, and equestrian buckles are always a nice touch or have become a trademark of certain brands. Traditional looks of equestrian riders often times inspires designers.  The horse is an animal that is classic, traditional, and chic giving designers great inspiration each Fall season. However, the equestrian style is not always the highlight of the fall season, even for the spring/summer collections the style is still seen on the runways.

And even in the arena we find the best riders of the world riding as brand ambassadors. It is always amusing to watch Edwina Tops-Alexander, or Jessica Springsteen in their Gucci ensemble. The perks of being endorsed is also enjoyed by their horses. Gucci and Hermes have also designed saddles, saddle blankets, and other riding equipment as part of their equestrian collection. It is amazing how much the equestrian attire and equestrian sport itself has always had an influence on fashion and it always portrays elegance and prestige.  However, these luxurious brands don’t just support the riders, but also the shows. Le Saut Hermès and Gucci Masters are some of the regulars in the equestrian sport.

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