The results are in! Second leg is done and dusted, we’ll post the combined winners and riding school point leaders tomorrow!




CD01 Walk Trot U15 

CD02 Walk Trot U21

CD03 Walk Trot Open

CD04 Preliminary U15

CD05 Preliminary U21

CD06 Preliminary Open



CD07 Walk Trot U-15

CD08 Walk Trot U-21

CD09 Walk Trot Open

CD10 Preliminary U15

CD11 Preliminary U-21

CD12 Preliminary Open



Show Jumping


CS01 SJ 50-70 U15 Equitation (2)

CS02 SJ 50-70 U-21

CS03 SJ 50-70 Open Equitation

CS04 SJ 70 – 90 Open Equitation

CS05 SJ 70 – 90 U21

CS06 SJ 70 – 90 open Equitation



CS07 SJ 70 U-15

CS08 SJ 70 U-21

CS09 SJ 70 Open

CS10 SJ 90 U-15

CS11 SC 90 U-21

CS12 SJ 90 Open


We will upload the individual and riding school points tomorrow. So stay tuned!


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