Djiugo is a one stop shopping window for all things horse related.  This entails several services from the equine world. The first service is the Horse Sales. Djiugo has a a selection of premium, well-recommended and trusted horses for all levels of riding. Having various connections from all over the equestrian world, we can ensure you that the horse you receive will meet your expectations.


Secondly, the training package. If you are looking for a trainer, look no further. On the app you will find well-qualified instructors to help you expand your knowledge on the basis of horse riding. Again, all levels of riding will be catered for. From hobby riders to competitive riders, at Djiugo you can select the trainer you wish to train with based on their individual profiles. Where does the training take place? It can happen on your own stable and on site. You can arrange the venue of your training at your convenience, we will connect you with the trainer you wish to contact and therefore the trainer can come visit your stables or you visit them. Overseas training is also a possibility here at Djiugo.


Third, the travel and equestrian club directory. Looking for a place to ride around your area but do not know where? Our travel package includes a directory of riding facilities closest to your area. At the moment our packages focus on Indonesia, however we will hope too expand to various parts of the world soon. Also, occasionally Djiugo provides equestrian tourisms globally. Be on the look out for our equestrian tour, all inclusive trip with all things horse related!


Finally, news and blogs. You can stay current in the equestrian community by reading the latest happenings from around the equestrian world. Djiugo also provides tips and tricks on caring for your horse and also some DIY items which you can create at your own stable. Keep reading and look out, maybe you’ll find something that tickles your fancy!



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