TEDxYouth event in SWA, Indonesia has invited Reshwara Argya Radinal to speak at the event. This will be the first TEDxYouth for an equestrian athlete speaking during the event.

Born on February 11,1993 Reshwara A. Radinal has basically been with horses ever since he was born. Following his father footsteps, Reshwara became an equestrian athlete at a young age. He has represented Indonesia in various international events and has also been competing in Europe for a span of 5 years. It was in Europe where he took on his passion of riding into the entrepreneurial world. Late last year was the Launch of his brainchild, Djiugo, a one stop shopping window for all things horse related. Reshwara took the commitment and dedication from being an athlete as the driving force of his business.

Equestrian Most Notable Achievements

  • 2008 1st in Group 8 of the FEI World Jumping Challenge
  • PON XIX Show Jumping (2 Silver Team, 1 Bronze Individual)

The self-organised event that brings people together to share the TED-like experience. In this particular event the theme of the talk will be “Engage, Act, Thrive”. Additionaly, other speakers such as Danny Tumbelaka, Jusuf Wanandi, Nila Moeloek, Ricky Aditiya Fandi, Ronny Gani and many others will be present during the event.

The event is arranged by Sinarmas World Academy, which will be held at the end of this month.

source and tickets: https://www.ted.com/tedx/events/23708


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