Thyme can help soothe coughs in horses. It has antiseptic, antiviral, anti-bacterial, astringent, expectorant effects that help with respiratory infections and coughs. It breaks up congestion, and relaxes the respiratory tract.

10 grams of dried thyme is a great remedy along with treatments given by the vet. “The herbs have an expectorant effect and can be easily mixed into the feed”, advises herbal healing expert Herdis Hiller from Dänischenhagen, Germany. Herbs with pharmacopoeia quality should be available in the pharmacy. According to Hiller, feeding your horse with dried herbs should be done cautiously. She advises that you should consult with your vet first before you decide how much you are going to feed your horse. Many herbs have certain side effects that you should inform yourself about. If your horse has a classic cough, Hiller suggests mixing herbal combinations that contain essential oils, silica and mucins.

Here is a recipe that you can give your horse during a cough (consult with your vet first) :

  • Thyme (10 g/ day)
  • Licorice root (10 g/day)
  • Ribwort (ca. 15 g/day)
  • Real mallow root (ca. 15 g/day)
  • Bitter fennel (ca. 25 g/day)

Mix everything well and store dry and air tight. The herbal mix should not be fed for more than four weeks.

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