In many aspects of our daily lives it is common to use technology to help us get things done or simply simplify certain processes. Many things are now manageable through an App that you can monitor with your smartphone. This also concerns our equestrian life. You can watch your horse in the stables with using surveillance camera that is displayed on your phone or you can use an App to analyse your training sessions.  At the end of the day you can use your smartphone for almost everything.

These types of technologies have served as helpful tools in the equestrian sport and lifestyle. Everyday the technology advances and we would like to take a minute and have a look at what’s new.

Here are some new innovations that are pretty awesome and useful:

1. CeeCall

Automatic emergency calls are for example quite common for car drivers. The company Peiker Consumer Electronics Evolution GmbH has developed a system involving the CeeCall that will trigger an automatic emergency call when the rider falls of the horse. This is useful for those who like riding out on the track as you can reach out when you are a bit further away from the barn.

You only need to input a phone number that will be contacted in case of emergencies into the device. You can place the CeeCall in a bag on the saddle pad and it is connects to the rider via a tear line. The device will also automatically send a text message with the exact location details to the emergency contact number. To avoid a false alarm, the rider will receive a warning signal to which the rider can react when he or she needs help.

2. Equisense Motion

The French company Equisense has finally developed an App that can outline your training and monitor your progress. A small sensor is attached to the saddle-girth, which the collected data will be sent directly to an App on your smartphone. The system makes it possible to document the movements of the horse, the duration of the walk, trot and canter as well as the training on the left hand side and right hand side. It is also able to analyze and give suggestions for improvement.

3. Zanger Hoof-App

The learning institute Zanger under the leadership of the expert farrier Dr. Michael Zanger, developed the hoof-App. The App consists of a knowledge and analysis area. In the analysis area it is possible to determine the hoof angle of your own horse and analyze it accordingly. You can even do a complete online hoof check. The system obviously does not replace the farrier, however it gives the horse owner the opportunity to examine the hoof condition independently.

4. Max Horse Feeder

The process of mixing feed is normally done by hand. However, as automation takes over most parts of our daily lives, we can even feed our horses automatically. The company Alcona Automation GmbH has developed a system where feeding time and feed amount can be determined electronically with your smartphone from anywhere you are. A feeding machine that you can control remotely? How cool is that?

5. Pro-Equi Digital Information Panel

Every rider should know this and every stable should own it. The stable board, where all-important information is displayed, is very useful for riders, grooms, coaches and horse owners. Having a blackboard or a whiteboard on the wall is so yesterday. Pro-Equi has developed a Touch-Screen Monitor that replaces the old-school information board. By connecting to a WLAN network, the system is available in various sizes.

Photo by Marylou Salon

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