It’s officially a clean sweep for Ferry Sutoyo!

Today was the last day of the Cinta Indonesia Open 2018, and once again Ferry Sutoyo took top honours! Being one of two clears in the 1.35m and took advantage being second to go in the jump off. Raymen was first up in the jump off with Maestro Blanco. Clear but Ferry was next up to the plate aboard Bodius. Ferry clocked in a faster time and clear! What a weekend it was for Team Equinara!


Till next show!



Friday Results

Dressage Preliminary

Show Jumping 1.20m

Show Jumping 1.10m

Show Jumping 1.00m


Saturday Results

Dressage Walk Trot

Show Jumping 30-50cm

Show Jumping 50-70cm

Show Jumping 1.05m

Show Jumping 1.15m / 1.25m / 1.20m


Sunday Results

Show Jumping 50cm / 70cm

Show Juumping 90cm

Show Jumping 1.10m

Show Jumping 1.15m

Show Jumping 1.20m / 1.35m

CIO Cup Derby

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