The eventing competition at the Cavalry Equestrian Cup 2018 was quite a special highlight. Other than having to ride a challenging cross-country course that was going up and down the hill, the riders also had the chance to have a coaching clinic with Joss Gray who came all the way from Barbados. It was quite an experience for the riders to participate in the eventing competition that was held from the 26-29 January 2018. Steven Menayang with Alright won the competition and Steven also scored enough points with Riga to place third as well.  To find out about Steven’s experience at the event we asked him a few questions:

How does it feel to win the eventing category?

I did not expect it at all. On the first day I was in 6th position and on the second day in 5th. The competitors were quite hard to beat with their great riding skills.

Can you tell us a little bit about the cross country course?

The course was very challenging, especially because it was raining so the track was slippery. However the safety aspect was quite okay.

How did Alright do in the competition?

Alright’s condition was quite stable during the whole event.

How are you preparing for the Asian Games?

I am increasing the physical preparation by training more intensively.

How would you compare the eventing category now with the past?

Eventing has become much better and more advanced. The coach who was brought in for the coaching clinic was also very competent and trained us intensively. Other than that the horse owners are supporting this event much more than before.

What was your favourite part of the competition?

I was amazed to have won both first and third place at once and I am proud to present my victories to NPC and Elang 45 stable.

Pictures of Steven Menayang riding Alright and Riga!


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