When we speak of uniqueness in equestrian Indonesia we automatically think of JB Stables and Budi Luhur University. What makes them different from others is their dedication to develop student riders at a high-level. Additionally, through their scholarship programs, riders in Indonesia are able to enjoy a full university scholarship and ride at the same time. In order to get a more in depth with the program we spoke with Bapak Kasih Hanggoro.

What was the initial thought process for combining equestrianism and the University? How does the scholarship program work?

Because we are in the education industry, my philosophy is “knowledge sharing. Investing in Knowledge to develop the sport and equestrian industry”

Today we see many potential riders who have the ability to progress as a professional and also the willingness to go further in their studies but lack the financial means to do so.

Through our scholarship program, we provide a platform for potential athletes to attend university and continue their endeavor to become professional athletes. Moreover, our program is a full scholarship program.

How do you apply for the scholarship programs?

In the beginning we worked together with Pordasi, they provided us a shortlist of potential riders eligible for the scholarship programs. From there, we selected a few riders to be enrolled in our program.

Today, our application process is slightly different. Riders who are applying for the scholarship program goes through the university administration and must take an acceptance test. In addition, a recommendation letter from trainers or federations is also beneficial for the rider.

Is the scholarship program only for equestrian? What is included?

We have 3 extreme sports that we support: Equestrian, Mountain Bike and Skateboarding.

Each sport discipline has a their own perks. For instance, the benefits of the equestrian scholarship gets monthly incentives depending on the achievements and accomplishments of each individual. On the other hand, athletes of the Mountain Bike and Skateboard program gets accommodation and gym facility.

Do they need to take a certain major for the scholarship?

The student athletes have the freedom to choose which major they wish to take. By doing so, we hope to provide University Alumni’s the foundation to shine after the graduation.

Who are the current equestrian athletes of Budi Luhur University?

  • Albert Pelealu (Athlete and Coach)
  • Marco Wowiling
  • Marcho Momuat
  • Ferry Agustian
  • Mario Paat
  • Sandy Sonitan
  • Poultje Wowiling (Coach)
  • Nico Pelealu (Coach)


Any plans to send student athletes overseas?

Our main target was to send our student athletes to the FISU event. FISU is the International University Sports Federation. A few years ago, we planned to send our athletes to compete in the University of Lundt in Sweden. However, at that time the Indonesia was not part of FISU. Therefore we weren’t able to take part in the competition. Hopefully, in the Indonesia is part of FISU and we can take part in the University Games.

As Asian Games 2018 is just around the corner, is there any representative from Budi Luhur University and JB Stables?

We recently purchased an eventing horse for one of our riders, we hope to see him be part of the Indonesian team and represent Indonesia in Asian Games 2018.


At the moment JB stables located behind the University is mainly for students and student athletes. But it does not restrict the fact that they are still open to the idea of members riding there. Currently, their second location in Gunung Bunder is also available for members.

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