Kinsky Horses: Portrait of the rare horse breed

Also known as the Golden Horse of Bohemia & Equus Kinsky, the Kinsky Horse originates from the Czech Republic and was Europe’s first warmblood sport horse. Today their numbers are so low they are one of the most threatened species of equines.


These animals were first known as the horses bred by Count Octavian Kinsky who was the first to breed them. The Kinsky family was involved in the breeding process of breeding race & steeplechase horses for years. Thus, they used Thoroughbreds in the development of the breed. In 1628 the Emperor ordered the Kinsky family to begin a stud farm to supply the cavalry, which formed the face of the breed. Cavalry mounts were required to be reliable & loyal while they needed to have an amazing amount of courage and also stamina.

The golden color of the Kinsky line soon became the preferred color. This started when a light gold colored foal was born. When he registered the horse in the studbook it was denied. A color like that has never been seen before, thus Count Kinsky created his own studbook and the breed “Equus Kinsky” was born. The aim of the breeding process was to develop a hunting horse used in par force hunting. The studbook was created in 1838 and the breed began to grow in popularity. The count, being an avid hunter & jumper himself ensured that his animals were suited for that task as well. Today the breed has been almost totally absorbed into the Czech warmblood and there are still a number of pure animals that are under royal protection.


Average height 16 – 17.2 hands


Chestnut generally with cream dilutions that make their coats appear glossy & golden.


Well balanced and friendly

Good natured and  like people