5 Reasons Why Equestrian is the Perfect Sport For You

Equestrian is the ultimate dream sport for all genders and ages. Various disciplines of the sport can be enjoyed universally and globally. But, what is it that makes horse riding so special? And what makes it the perfect sport?

Here are 5 reasons to explain why equestrian is the perfect sport for you:

1. Riding offers perfect relaxation/unwinding

Horses are big animals with gentle hearts. Spending time with them gives you the chance to unwind and enhance your quality of life. Just by taking a stroll outside the barn or just walking in the arena you can fuel yourself with a new energy. Sitting on the horse while walking will relax your body and soul. Other than that you will also catch some fresh air in the barn and you can let the breeze blow away negative thoughts. After your riding session you will feel satisfied and it will make you go to bed happily.

2. Riding is a plus for your immune system

If you own a horse, you will know that he or she needs to be taken care of at all times and not just during good weather conditions. Even in cold and rainy weather you need to care for your horse. Since you mostly inhale fresh air you will strengthen your immune system. Even if you are confronted with dust, animal hair, and other inconvenient environmental factors, your immune system will thank you as your body will become strong enough to shield itself from certain allergies.

3. Riding Will Effectively Heighten your Fitness

Even if riding looks easy on the first glance, it is certainly not. If you ride for the first time, your muscles will ache the next day, since horse riding demands your whole body to be involved. You need to have a good posture and balance and also a good fine motoric when sitting on the horse. Basically, riding will drain your energy, but at the same time heighten your fitness level and improve your strength and endurance.

4. Riding boosts your confidence

A horse is a flight animal that needs unlimited trust to a human in order to feel safe and comfortable. People who lack confidence will feel really good around horses. The more time you spend with horses you will feel more confident every time, since you and the horse will form a unity and you will establish trust between each other. Thus, you will also build trust in yourself day by day.

5. Riding enforces Friendships

Horse riding is not just a hobby; it is also a lifestyle that requires a lot of time. Ideally you should spend the whole day at the stables to care for your horse or to train them. Since you will not be alone at the barn, you will meet lots of other horse lovers who have great potential to become your good friends, maybe even best friends. Riding together or just sharing about your experiences with horses and riding will establish close relationships. Other than that, once you start competing you will also meet more people from other riding clubs. Having people around who have so much in common with you will guarantee you amazing friendships.