Day 2 of the APM Charity Show started of with the Eventing. It was a tight and competitive between the first few places with little between them. Yet, Riko Ganda Febriyyanto found a way to jump up 10 places to lead the eventing. Riko finished with a clear round with no penalties on time or on the jumps. Clearing the track right on the dot with the optimum time of 7 minutes. Dropping down a place is Jojo Jonathan with Gwen do Empo, as they finished with 10 additional penalties on time during their cross country round. A few more places changed in the eventing, as both Menayang brothers jumped up the leaderboard to 3rd and 4th after two days. Riko currently leads with 38.5 total penalties, with Jojo behind him with 42.6 total penalties. As tomorrow awaits, a lot can still change in the eventing!

Another highlight of the day was the 1.35m show jumping class. With 12 official starts in the class, the top three places belonged to familiar faces! Taking the top spot is Ferry Wahyu Hadiyanto on Zandor scoring the only clear of the day. Following behind is Raymen Kaunang on Conquistador with 4 penalties, the pair had an almost perfect round with an unlucky rail on the last fence. Rounding of the podium is Yanyan Hadiansyah with Bodius on 8 total penalties.

The final day of the APM Charity Show awaits us tomorrow. There is still plenty to see before the end of the competition, so stay tuned!

Results of Saturday

Eventing Day-2

CS02 & CS01 50-70 cm

CS03 50-70 cm

CS-04 100cm Junior

CS-05 100cm Open

CS 06 – 07 110-120 Open

CS-08 135cm Open


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