Djiugo is an equestrian app and website which connects and ties down the whole equestrian world together, accessing the Djiugo through your mobile and computer at any given time helps you stay connected with the in’s and out’s in the equestrian community. The app is filled with all things horse related. Whether you are an aspiring athlete, a professional rider, leisure riders or even families looking for equestrian holiday, we have what you’re looking for. Being a pioneer in the industry, it has access to worldwide markets.

Djiugo is founded by Reshwara Radinal, an experienced equestrian and businessman that deals with International market with different cultures and nationalities. Not only he is an important figure in equestrian sport in Indonesia, he is well connected with important players in the Dutch Market.

The idea of Djiugo came about in 2015 when we saw that there was a need for this type of app. It cannot be neglected that the world is becoming more connected and digital all in a short amount of time. Everything can be accessed and searched through the web. Especially in Countries such as Indonesia, where information about equestrianism is very limited. We saw that Djiugo can be the solution for this problem, assisting your needs by providing you with critical information about the equestrian world as well as connecting you with riders and stables throughout the world.

Understanding how much time, energy, and passion are put into caring for these beautiful animals, Our goal is to offer our customers the best value possible on the widest range of products they want and need. From equine products, buying selling horse – with variety of breed, discipline and price – to assisting your itinerary on an equestrian’s events

A life dedicated to equestrianism takes commitment, passion, sacrifice and the proper mindset. Djiugo is committed to providing you with exceptional quality and high levels of service.


Djiugo = Everything You Need About Horses